"Quality is the raison d’être of our services"

BCL developed strict quality controls in order to ensure non-contamination of materials and environment. Through these processes, the company establishes a firm commitment to quality and environmental responsibility in order to protect and conserve our environment, while it offers an efficient and customized service according to the needs of each client. 

BCL laboratory consists of equipment set to ensure the highest level of material quality:

-X-RAY FLUORESCENCE : is based on obtaining the concentration of the sample items by calibration curve or scanning of the sample respect to its detection angle. This test is used for pressed materials, both pre and post grinding, for results of external materials of companies.

- LASER DIFRACTTION: allows us to find the particle size of the material between 0.100 and 1000.00 microns. It´s used to obtain the grain-size of the final product of the milling process.

-TOWER OF SIEVES: Aimed at finding the initial grain-size of the stored product. It´s used for particle sizes above.

A level of quality control in the milling process, there are sieves of defined light mesh to obtain rejection results of both wet and dry.

The rest of equipment, like the press, stove, ring mill and precision scale, are associated and are essential for test tubes and put the simple for analysis

Currently, Bulk Cargo Logistics is certified by the Quality Management ISO 9001:2000.

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